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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mother In Laws Decor

My MIL has decorated the wall outside her apt. She says I made the quilt in the lower right.  Nope.
I made a Nutcracker block after giving Marcia the idea for it.  Marcia being THE Quilters Cache.  She has Gajillions of FREE quilt block patterns and many of them are original, like this fine fellow!
Every pattern has been tested before being 'published', so you also get to see the blocks done in fabric. 
 I was once a pattern tester too.

Fireplace This is my favorite.  But I would sure use a different print for the fireplace these days.
Santa trying to get that ole red sack down the chimney!

Two Old Hens
These were all made in 2002, so keep in mind the digi quality is awful! I used some of these in the Christmas quilt I DID make for my MIL.  Wonder what fabric choices I would make these days??

These 2 aren't for Christmas, but they could be!  I paper pieced the top cabin as kind of a joke on a place in California.  It is called Lake of the Pines and mom, dad and I, visited it wayyyyyyyy back when it was first being developed. [1960's?] Dad commented, after looking around,  "should be named lake of the oaks, there isn't a damn pine tree anywhere!"  So I used a 'birch' type print behind the pine tree....{I looked at couple of current pix of the area and they now have lots of pine trees!}

Boy,  would I use different prints for this one nowadays!

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