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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Presents, Stitching and a Frog

Son Ben, whose birthday is the same day as his daughters, took said daughter to the large toy store and let her go up and down each aisle and pick out what she wanted for her birthday.  {Good thing I wasn't there, because I would have talked her into a new doll or 3 for the stroller....etc.}  I applaud Lily's restraint!

Grandpa had a friend's wife make cupcakes for the birthday pair.
And tomorrow we have another grandgirl birthday!

Stitching.  I have this done.  I think.
And 'mapped'.  I will print out, or have a print made, of this to put on the back of the piece.  The only thing I haven't included are the jillions of frogs at the lake.  I may have to attach a photo of them to this map.

Speaking of frogs...we found this one in the kiddie pool.

I put the hanging flower pots in the water to soak, before tossing the yucky water. 

These pix should be first, before the finished hanging, but...
This is a 'closeup' of the kids on tubes in the river.
Click to enlarge.

And how I 'wove the outside 'framing' fabrics...

And how I kept track of what thread colors I wanted to use.

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  1. Hi!
    First, thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog post with regards to my 3D assemblage, "The Nature of Memory". More importantly, thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos of your vacation cloth. I absolutely love the dense hand stitching and how you keep track of the colors you want to use! Great work on a true family heirloom!