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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Birthday Party For a Newborn!

Lily, 4, Avery, 2, cousins
Gups Girls, Devyn, Lily and Avery
Devyn was 6 days old.  We sang to her anyway and had cake.
Rhiley, Avery, Lily above, and Grandma Chris with Devyn
this has Ashley too, looking at me
foot and hand sizes, Lily, Devyn and Grandma Chris

I took the 'leftover' fabrics from the doll blankets and stitched up a striped pink one.  Then I decided to add a charm pack to one end to make it bigger than a doll blanket.  I will be digging out more pinks to enlarge this some more.
"Del Hi" fabric collection by Valori Wells If you enlarge the pix, you will notice I have  Del Hi spelled as Delphi. My bad.
 I FB'd Ms. Wells and asked her the name of the fabric collection this print comes from. She says it is from her Del Hi collections. I don't know the year it was released. But I did find the collection on Free 
 I have couched down a hefty size 3 pearl cotton, and have started adding french knots to the dots.
I haven't posted a pic of my dog lately.  Done.

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