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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

ABC Quilt Done

With the arrival of Devyn, I was able to finish this quilt.  I wasn't going to add her name until she was born. I put her name on the D pic with her daddy's name.

Ashley and Avery

Gup and G'Pa

Danny and Devyn

Kacie [mama to] Lily and Megan

Rhiley and Stephanie

Back side of my siggy

I added my signature/moniker, VJ, and the year. {VJ were my initials & my zodiac sign}

I started an embroidery project for a bit of different stitching.
The very outside loops are from a chain stitch I decided to remove.

The threads are mostly pearl cottons, a couple of 'tencel' pearls, in sizes 8 to 3, 3 being the thickest.

The whole pillow top.  A Valori Wells print.
I am not sure which collection this was part of...I haven't seen it when I go searching, which means I haven't dug deep enough.  I bought a yard to do this with, embroidery!

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