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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ending and Beginning

So, this postcard came in the mail.  When you go to college, you don't graduate, you Commence.  I guess.  I couldn't find out who the speaker will be, maybe they don't know yet.  Not that we will be there.  Steph has opted out of this part.  The panic part of me is somewhat relieved, but the Mom part of me is yelling, "WHAT?????   YOU WORKED HARD FOR THIS, LET US CELEBRATE!!!!"
Congratulations Stephanie for this accomplishment! 

I worked on the binding of this small quilt, since I have the basic quilting done already.  I screwed up on the first corner  changed my mind about how I wanted the corners to be done. I was going to wing it before I noticed the pin pot....that curved end was perfect! So traced it.

And then continued on around the sides.  I didn't end up with an exact curved corner, but then when the hell do I do exact???  BTW, this part is done and I am no to the next part of the puzzle...pix when i take them.
Now, for the beginning part of this post, we have 
Lily getting signed up for Kindergarten!!!!
She might not look that excited in this picture, but I am jumping for joy inside!
I love these girls to pieces, and I will miss her during the day, but I am excited thinking about what she will be learning every day!  {K in our school is all/4 day a week.}

As you can see, the sun was warm enough for us to bathe in.....
and stitch in!!

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