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Monday, February 04, 2013

Thread and Elves

I actually picked up a needle this last week!!  I was mending a pair of leggin's for Meg.  I will have to take a pic of her wearing them...
This is my elf on a shelf....I made him quite a few years ago.  I embroidered the design on the blanket too, back when my first daughter was a child!  I made it for her dolls that she never played with.  She preferred hotwheels.   But she was always a GIRL!!

My 2 elves.  Don't ask me why this pic is upside down....operator error most likely.  

I did the crossstitch too.  Back long ago, one of the magazines had contests all the time, so to help keep some sanity and creativity, I entered almost every one of them!  Never won, but that's ok.

Funny...if you go to the link of the magazine...I made several of the shells pictured on the front!

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  1. Your elf and your GD are both ADORABLE. That quilt is pretty awesome too. Good for you entering contests even though you didn't win. I love that. happy day Vicky.

    OMG This is the FOURTH time for word verification. You know I love you geez...