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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dishwasher Affair Part Duex

A while back I mentioned my affair with my dishwasher.  
Well, once again we the guys are being handy men .
I started making my own dishwasher soap, like I do laundry soap, but my dishes WERE NOT GETTING CLEAN!  This is very upsetting for me.  I thought it was the soap mix.  But then I went deeper with my thinking....maybe it wasn't the soap but the dishwasher itself???
I had dirty bits on the cup 'bottoms'...and  I won't get into detail of other things I found.
But a picture....
....tells it all.....                                         
I am guessing putting in jars with paper labels still attached, is not a great idea. 
Not to mention all the other things people put in their DW's.  Toys. Rocks.
Rocks?  Yes, my MIL would put her decorative rocks from the garden into her DW every year,  to get the algae washed off.  Wonder what's in her DW 'guts'???
What's in yours?

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  1. Aw heck. I put jars in my dishwasher with labels too.