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Friday, January 11, 2013

Water! Squirrels!!

So I found out yesterday that we will still have water even when the power is out!!
We are on wells here and  when the power is out, so is the  pump that pumps the water.
Which meant NO. Flushing. Toilets. 
My neighbor told me that our water company installed a generator at some point in time, to keep the pump going !!
 I admit I am thrilled by this news! 
I am so easy to please.

And Megan finally went back to school Thursday.  We have all been passing the germs around, and Meg held out until the 13th hour to catch them.  We were ALL looking forward to her going back to school on Monday....

She wasn't the only one back to school...College Girl Steph is back at UW for her final quarter!!!
But that is kinda beside the point here....she got a bunch of art supplies from her boyfriend.....and I had mentioned she check out Zentangle-ing. 
So this is what she created in her first days back at school!!  On canvas with ink.
Who am I kidding, of course it's a big deal that this is her final quarter!!!

On the wildlife front, we have been keeping the hummingbird feeder up and filled this winter, when I noticed the birds were still zipping by.  
We have been rewarded with a Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Throat staying close by.  My husband has gotten very involved in their care also.  I want to find a way to keep the feeder from freezing at night, besides bringing it in at night.

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