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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bunny-Bunny Happy New Year

What??  Well. We have Bunny birthday's, when you turn the same age as your birth day.  
So I am 56 today, and I was born in 1956, so I decided to call it my Bunny-Bunny birthday. 
 And Happy New Year to us all.
I saw these bits of yarn on Pinterest...I think.  So I had to check them out....then buy some...These are small.  But perfect size for projects where more color is what you want and not gobs of yarn left over.  I am also thinking of needlepoint ideas for these.  Ok, they are acrylic.  Not wool.
Recently Dan decided to fill a pothole in our road. {we all own the road, so we all have to take care of it}
Our 'snow' shovel it just the thing to remove WATER from the pothole.  I show it because I think I got a great shot!!
Christmas day was all about the girls....their mama stayed the night also, so we had a family morning...including the usual rush of kids shouting things about Santa.
The girls were given really fluffy red dresses and sparkly shoes from their other grandmother.
Lily. 4.5 years old.
Megan. 7.75 years old. [that sounds really old]
the usual yahoo of boxes and blurry [grand] children. Adult children tend to sit still nowadays.
Then there are the weird shots taken by 3.5 year old GD's of their little sisters....
...and Gups....
Art by Megan.  I asked her to draw me a Husky dog
to go with a gift for Steph's boyfriend...he is a UW fan, and now has a nice stuffed Husky dog, thanks to Steph.  I just happened to have some yarn in almost UW colors, purple and gold, so I made a scarf for the dog. A small gift.  Well, we all think Meg outdid herself!  This fine fellow was only penciled in so I added the pen outline, the gray dots and the color in the scarf.  I love this guy and plan to enlarge him...maybe even have him printed up as a large photo!

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    May it all Surprise us with stuff
    we never imagined!
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