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Sunday, December 02, 2012

This Years Advent..

has been put off.  
I have grandgirlies to care for and try to entertain.
And then this last week we had 'leese', as Lily called it, or 'lice' if you prefer.
 I think I will stick {HA HA} with the humorous side of it.
We also had the other 2 grandgirlies on Wed.
Today I have a day off and the girls get to be with mama. Daddy has to work.

Back to the Advent Idea.  I came across this one today.
A virtual calendar...there was one a few years ago that was really fun, so if you come across one, let me know!
And if you, like me, are thinking of making one a little late  umm....early for next year...

Then, a minute  an hour or two ago I decided to go to Martha Stewart dot com.  I know that's a really funny thing, but there are usually great templates on her site and I was not disappointed.
 Things to print out and let the girls and I color and decorate with. Easy for 3 different attention spans. A 4 year olds, a grandmothers, and Megan's. {Meg's world is different than others.}

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