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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Few Things Around Here

This is how I did the Advent Calendar for Megan and Lily.  I printed up 2 of the same pages, that I think were for free-but I am not selling them...
The girls get to color each day and it's chocolate free!
 A few more decors have been added to 'their' tree also.
And glasses added to the dog...
I know this next picture is not exactly attractive, but I needed to figure out a way to hold the bath toys off the floor of the tub!  The dark pole is an extra {ugly} tension rod I had in the spare-stick bucket. 
{don't you have one of those too?}  
It works for now. I didn't want something permanent, just something that WORKED!

 I used spare metal shower curtain hooks to hold the basket, another 'spare', up.
 I wanted it at the opposite end of the shower head too.

And at this end, the 'spare' shower head on a hose is somewhat held up. {the damn do dad that came with the shower 'kit' didn't work a damn, not a damn!!}

And over the sink in the same bathroom, we {Dan} installed a shelf, upside down,  yet another SPARE item with a....wait for it....SPARE towel rod screwed to the underside, for other crap.  The shelf is good and high to keep little girls from getting to it {snort...who am I kidding?} and to keep tall guys from smacking their heads on it.  There are 4 people who use this bathroom, so it needs to be 'friendly'. 
{the large master bath, that I use, has it's own chaos}
Oh looky there, a granddaughter...!!!  This is 1.5 yo Avery. I didn't mess with the picture because when viewed enlarged, it shows her amazing baby skin.  
 At the other end of the picture, that I cropped, are these 2 girls, one, Rhiley, showing us how to apply washable purple marker makeup!  All across your forehead!  Lily did her's in blue.
She was so pleased with herself.

 Then I just barely managed to get a shot of the girls all hangin' under the "tree."
Stephanie is at her boyfriends home for the holidays...all the way from Seattle, {again....snort}
This is something she got for her boyfriend.
I would wear this, even though I don't drink beer, I have had encounters with bear and deer.
 Holy Jesus  Shit, it's a Teddy Bear in a Pancake.

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