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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Am Not Lost, Just Drifting...

Our house came with out  a coat closet.
For a long while we have wanted to make a cupboard...armoire...giant coat rack....what ever you want to call it. day the neighbor came home with this on his truck and left it sitting in his be rained upon.  
Until I decided he needed to give it to me. [no i didn't just take it]

Loading it into OUR truck to haul it across the street was a challenge. This behemoth is got dumped on it's face once when it got away from us....the US being me and husband. It's thick plywood...and cedar! lining and had 6 drawers on the right side. AND unknown and unseen wheels on the under side!!!!!
We finally got it over here...from across the street...and Dan took a few bits off to prep for repair...including taking the drawers out.  The drawers are awesome!  Well made birch [?] plywood with a false front.
Anyway, we decided that 3 drawers was plenty and to make the remainder of the area an open shelf. [for a couple of our plastic drawers full of crafty things.] The other 3 drawers are being kept for a future idea...that hasn't formed yet.

Sorry about the flash washout, but this wonderful cupboard is in a gloomy area of our living room. We left the doors off the front because I want air to get to the coats.  Nor did I want ANOTHER door that children could slam on their way to the rest of their childhood.  The drawers are not loaded yet, am waiting for the knobs to be added.  So not only did we save a couple hundred bucks in materials by re-purposing this, but we saved ourselves an eyesore in the neighbors yard.... 

I have been stitching...but not in amounts I would like.  
But I have been helping Meg with a book report...a crafty sort of report.  More on that later.

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