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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vinegar Tips

Quilting Fitzy suggested cleaning the DW with vinegar, 2 cups worth in bowl/glass, run
DW on hottest load.  She says to do this in an empty machine, but I would be tempted to add a few the MW plate. She also says it helps with the 'hard' water stains....wonder if I could put the toilet in the DW??

DW= dish washer=pronounced "D Dub"
MW= micro wave=    "             "M Dub"

I use vinegar for all kinds of the wash machine for dog smells...sprayed in tennies for foot smells....etc.  Have anything different to use vinegar for??


QuiltingFitzy said...

*The coffee maker is a FOR SURE.
*The tray under the water/ice dispenser on the 'frig.
*The flat tray under the dish drainer.
*Use it to set memory creases on sewn clothing.

***next up is the doors on the shower***

Anonymous said...

I use it to take paint out of my carpet, because painting with children around should already be a no no, but when you go ahead and do it anyways!
-Your wonderful daughter :)