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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Dishwasher Affair

I think about my dishwasher Every Damn Day.
There is always something that needs doing to it. Loading. Unloading. JUST wondering if I need to do anything to it. 
The sucker is High Maintenance. A Diva. 
So when the little plastic parts inside the handle-latch broke, Dan brought this one in out of the garage. We had a spare?? You bet. A hand-me-down. FREE. Brought to us by Aliens, the better deal you can get when abducted. 
I don't like it. I can only cram in one cookie sheet at a time, nothing tall in the top rack, etc. does have a crap-trap-mesh thingie down in the bottom there. It can be removed and cleaned! The utensil basket fits in the long space here in front, as opposed to the rectangle butting into the middle of the rack on my other machine. A large fry pan? Nope, not gonna fit on it's side in this one, but fits right in in the other one.
Moral of this story?
Dan will put the old one back in, already ordered a new part. I will also see if the utensil basket from this machine fits the old one, so I can at least have a little more of my idea of 
The Perfect Dishwasher.

When I take my needlework outside to take pictures....
other family members follow me.....
and get themselves into the pix....especially if one member has cheese to share with others and can lead them away to one side.....Thank you Lily!
Above, the work is only basted.  BIG basting stitches.
BUT the real stitching has my begun!  Only a little bit, but that's the only way to begin, one stitch at a time.


  1. the best sort of embellishment! I love seeing my cloth hard at work!

  2. ..and regarding the dishwasher thing...if you do the 2 c glass measure cup filled with vinegar thing-sitting in the top rack alone...on the hottest cycle you can run - does an amazing job of cleaning! We have really hard water, and do this about once a month.

    Stitchery is really coming along nicely!