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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

ViewPath Continues

I have the green hills all stitched down....I will try to get a closer shot when the sun is out, like in the day time....snort...snark....cough..cough...choke. can see the brown bits are a bit fraggled from all the handling, but they will be tamed by the stitching, of course. 
 Can you see the fraggley parts?
Now this is some thread that had been ecru. I think it's a size 12, I know it's perle cotton. I wanted something earthy-ier than any of the colors I have, so I get out the fabric paints. I use raw sienna, some magenta and 3 dabs of dark blue that mooshed around too. I left the thread on the spool, wet it first and then wet the paints a bit too as I went along. Then dried it in the sun.  It was a lot lighter in the center of course, but that's ok.  I will try to get a better picture of it in daylight because the dried thread is not nearly as dark as what you see here.
 So I was showing the girls some cute video on my laptop.... least 2 of them were interested....
Avery, the younger one, is walking now!  She turns 1 year this month.

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