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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Crest Forever

Ben's latest tattoo...he did this one on himself last night.  He did a bit of searching for a family crest...I sure hope it's the right one!
It looks good.  This second picture is of his angle and how he worked on it upside down!
Now for my own stuff.  I dug through a drawer of embellishment possibilities... essentially a junk drawer...and came across this shark tooth...I don't even know if it's real, it could be plastic.  It's something we had picked up on one of our road trips and happens to be the right color for this monotone work.   So in it went...very easily too...guess I will be on the look out for more triangular things.
Then I added some bead columns...
...and a Mossimo button.  That is a target brand, and since MiddleChild Ashley once worked there, it added some more family history....not to mention it's the right color again!  That area is now done.  Whew!
Another Sumptuous classmate was asking about bullion's and needles, so I gave it a try with my "Cotton Darner" needle, and 5 bullion's just slipped off that needle without a hitch!  Man, was I pleased.  That is one of the more beastly of the embroidery stitches! After tossing in a french knot, I noticed the dancing figure I created.  Hummmm..

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