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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silver is Gray

The residents decided the couch WAS big enough for them all.
But that's not what I mean about silver or gray.
 Our Megan now wears glasses.  We have known she needed them, but we were all surprised at how much she needed them. One eye is 150 and the other is 450!!!!
Not that the numbers mean anything to me, but that spread tells us a lot about her right eye.

 It took her one day to get used to them...ONE DAY!!
 But is not the silver or the gray either.
 I decided it was time to break out the 3rd WIP to work on this year....Megan took things off the bulletin board and decorated the empty places...
Lily thought the volcano was really hot...ha.

So what is the silver and gray reference??
Our 25th anniversary.
It's the silver and we are the gray.
Love you, Dan my Man.

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