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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Road Trip 1 for 2012

So...Dan, Stephanie, aka CollegeGirl, and I got away for a few days.
 This is The Mountain. The cloud cover probably doesn't cover to much of the top, since she blew that away in 1980. This is farther up the road from the CG.
On the way up, there is a nice view of the Toutle River valley[?] area. [below]
 This was a whole different picture right after the eruption, with snow melt, ash, debris...!! 
Probably a lot deeper too.  
Dan took this pic for me....of the trees...he is right...I really like it.  Feathers. 
Collage of St. Helens view from road, below.

Not sure if the truck was a causality of the eruption, but it has a Weyerhaeuser emblem on the door...and a tree growing through it...
Waterfall for Ashley, for her List. 
 While 'camping', it rained....and rained....
I loved the ferns growing up on the tree branch.
Steph's new BF...har....This is for Megan, who wants to see a BF- as in Big Foot.
 A red headed woodpecker. Added to my Life List.
And another Ash-hole added to that list....
 After 2 days of rain, we got Snow! [and then the sun, of course!]
Stephanie added another Snowperson to that list....
And this female elk can to added to yet another list...
Besides viewing butts and ashes....we girls did crafty stuff....
 It was extremely relaxing!
 And a token shot of our CollegeGirl, reading for pleasure!

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  1. It's so nice to get out and on the road...I enjoyed all the pics from your trip and seeing all the sights that you enjoyed. I really loved the "feather" trees...and the pic of you sewing and dd looks like a very relaxing trip despite the ash hole ( I loved that!)