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Monday, October 03, 2011

Family, Pumpkins and Fabric

ben holding his lily, who is holding her cousin avery
pumpkin carving....look at that hair! so shiny
meg didn't mid the sliminess of the pumpkin innards.
but lily wasn't having any part of it after the first touch..."yuck", said she.
the blurriness is not photoshoped, just me...steph carving out the goop, megan singing into the top
dammit, someone let in a pumpkin slug.
fashionable pants don't always hold up, so we added a knee-hi sock to hold it all together.  thanks to jude's invisible stitch, steph was quite pleased! machine stitch would have shown up more.
did learn though, that stitches going across the grain, showed up and those going with the grain, sunk in/blended.
 I have signed up for another online class, this time FrankenStitch with Arlee Barr.  We will be learning how to create works de artee with simple embroidery stitches, some fabric, and lots of imagination.  Here is the base I came up with today...not sure if this is what will be used, but I sure do like the flow of it already!
The pink is flannel, the next layer is silk, the next weird shape is cotton left as I found it in the scraps, and the final piece is a long piece of cotton that I made fit in the boundaries of the silk.

Class hasn't actually begun....but I think I am ready!!

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