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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Made a Ca-to-Vie

 I finally got my Magic Cloth out in the sunshine...well, with the sun coming through, so you can see the hidden parts...the magical parts. I hung it on the clothesline and snapped pix through the window!
 flying geese emerging from the fork in the road
 one of the first weaves I did was on another fabric, so there are many layers here, not sure I like it that way, but it is that way now.
 the really bright area is the reflection on the window back onto the cloth.
 the really bright green is from Grace and came along with the Hawaiian flowers, so they are either summer leading to autumn, or fall into summer....depending on how literal you want to be.
 many paths....the top one in the middle is the newest...I think it's done now....
a fly came by, i don't know why, perhaps he's sly.

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