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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Honey, I'ts Home.

the sky was so colorful last night...this picture does nothing for it.
Recently we decided we would get back into the travel mode.  After much chit chat, we decided to go with a pull trailer, so of course we had to get a truck...I call her the Beast.  I need an extension ladder just to get in.
 Honey I'm Home with the home.  
You didn't look that big on the lot....among all the other trailers....
We plan on going to the beach soon....I mean, the coast.  Around the Puget Sound here, there are beaches everywhere....Every. Where.  But the coast is still the coast.  The weather man says our weather here on the west coast will be nice while Hurricane Irene drenches the east coast.  So, even though we are thousands of miles apart, Mother Weather brings us closer together.


  1. Yikes! GORGEOUS! I hope you guys have a blast. I was hoping we'd make it to the ocean this summer. We'll see. Bill took me to Whidby Island... but you're right~ The coast is the COAST!

    ;-) Debi

  2. I am green with envy. Childhood trips to Westport, Deception Pass, THE Penninsula, sigh. I look at sagebrush and sand now, but my heart is still at the Coast. I hope you are having a fantastic time and more sea shells and driftwood than you can carry home.