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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Road Trip in 5 or 6 Years

The Narrows Bridge, the beginning of the trip.
 A rest stop on the way.
 A gas and fruit stop in Thorp Washington, on the way also.
 A fantastic view of Mt. Rainier, on the way back.
That's it?  Yup.  Not a single campground picture. As soon as we got there, the guys, hub. Dan and son Ben,  noticed a tire going flat on the truck, so the trailer was unhitched and the girls and I were left in camp while they, the guys, went back to town.  The town of Vantage WA. Not a large town by any means!!!!!!  [But the burgers from the RESTAURANT restaurant were very very good!]  Luckily the sprinkler was jetting water around and around or I would have melted and blown away.  It was hot and windy and got windier!

If not for a really really Nice Guy who happened to pull into the only gas station, my guys were up a creek with no tire changing materials. [not as much planning went in this trip as was necessary]  The Nice Guy had all the tools they needed, including bolt cutters to get the spare off the belly of the truck.

The guys and the girls did get to go swimming in the Columbia River later in the afternoon.  I stayed at camp and tried to relax.  Sewing was not even an option.

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  1. stay calm mum! haxx Isn't nice to know there are still nice people around. xxlynda