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Monday, July 04, 2011

Instead of Fire Works

We had flashing lights..... firetrucks.....about 10 of them, maybe more.  Not for my house!
 Before that we had babies...I'm getting good at getting funny facial expressions on disc...Avery will cringe some day as she sees these.
 the girls have a fun house, so that was brought out for the day...or the rest of week.
 the 3 'older' grandgrills  taking a break after dinner.
 I happened to turn on the tv in time for the, that's a lotta red....
 ...and for our week....look at all those egg yolks!  considering this is the great northwet.

Then as we were getting the grills ready to go see some fireworks, I noticed some neighbors jogging up the street, looking through the trees and such.
Aloud I said, "I wonder whats going on....they lose a kid?" 
That got everyone else up and looking....
 ....this shot is from my front window to give you an idea of how close the fire is...
this is when it finally broke through the roof of the trailer that was on fire, that is a metal storage thing you see where the flames are....just before the first fire truck arrived...the lady in white lives in that grey house, and she was dragging her hose into her backyard.
My husband and son where over there, and they had to physically drag the home owner away from the front door because he was going to open it. [he had just gotten home too]  Ben, son, said there was smoke pouring out from around the door....

I didn't freak out until flames shot up the tree right over the house....I had 4 little girls here, 2 dogs and 1 cat....I wasn't going to wait and see if the fire spread to more trees!!  So we got the girls loaded up into Ashley's car, mom of the 2 youngest, and I would deal with the dogs somehow.  Didn't know where the cat was.
But we didn't need to leave. 
The fire suppressant the trucks carry was doing a good job. 
We don't have fire hydrants out in this neck of the county.   
They still have a few trucks out there 2 hours later.

The noise of the fireworks is awful.  


  1. Oh, how scary. I am glad the fire was put out quickly.
    Good for Ben -- preventing the woman from opening the door.
    I don't like noisy fireworks either, but I'd rather have them than a fire across the street.

  2. Mistake -- Ben prevented the man from opening the door. Good.

  3. Funny thing is, he has a decorative fire hydrant in his yard....

  4. Wow Vicky. That IS scary. Good job having a plan for all those girls...