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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blueberries, Weaving and Granddaughters

 All these pix are clickable to see larger.  See the yellow thing in the blueberries?  That is a piece of fabric that refuses to be changed.  I spritzed bleach on change.  I drowned it in straight change.  Fine. Dump it in old berries and squish it up. Leave it in the sun to ferment.
 I needed to work on something with trees after that fire across the street.
 I cut into and tore the pine tree fabric right in the middle instead of tearing it into strips. I am hoping the closeup above will show you that.
 with the low contrast in the two fabrics I thought you might need some help seeing the torn areas.
 the strips on the right were rejected for this piece...the contrast was TOO much! 
I wanted subtle, not loud, quiet, not boisterous....
Ashley took this great pic of my older 3 grandgirls.

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