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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Design Wall...for now

Thought it time to update how my design wall looks at the moment. 
 Closer view of the top half....
 ...and the bottom.  Yes, that is a flamingo on there...there is also a bumble bee hiding under the yellow piece. Megan's art.
 Below are samples of sheer silk on the bright 'batik that has gone through many changes'.
 I have been offered a piece of this silk, but which one???
the beige is kinda stocking color, which might give me a mental picture I don't want....the white is to heavy I think.  So that leaves the blue and the green....I wonder if I can beg for a bit of each and weave them on to the batik????


  1. The design wall looks very inspirational. I would tend to agree that the blue, and especially the green, are probably good choices. Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words.

  2. love the design wall. i would be cheeky and try for bothx

  3. Blogger is playing up tonight and I can't see any of your photos but I am sure they were lovely!

  4. I love the wall! It is a wonderful riot of color! I agree with you on the blue and green.