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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet My Leetle Friend

Subtitled "Something The Cat Dragged In"
Sub-sub-titled "Slug Guide: Hitchhiking"

The cat. She refused to speak on behalf of herself. 

And now onto to more clothy stuff.  I was itching to tear up some fabric last night. It started out as a secret garden kind of thing....until I happened across a couple of  black starry scraps....then the cloth suddenly took on a whole different look.
I even broke out the scissors for the star!  I had no intention of adding a mythical being to this....until I got a good look at the scrap of fabric I had cut the star from....
 ...there it was....a being shape....that gained a head shape...and a starboard to cruise the universe on....

in case you can't see it...i 'painted' around the original being shape


  1. i need to catch up over on SEW,
    but this is just a great. like
    he floated Out into the beyond
    from the place he was born from...

    and that little slug being. i enjoy looking at him so much...they are so terribly simple but busy with their lives. haven't seen a slug in many years.

    looking forward to Friday...

  2. Just saw this today! You know, it kind of feels almost 4th of July with the stars and spangles. Maybe some fireworks shot your being up above the stars??!! Love it though!

    ;-) Debi