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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids On Adventure

I am leaving the pix small so you can click and enlarge.
Ben and Stephanie went off on a 'field trip' yesterday to find Blue Lake in the Cascades.  There are 2 of them in the cascades, so don't confuse Blue Lake with Blue Lake....
Anyway, they passed a waterfall, a sign in a cave and a fur tree...not a normal fir tree.

 The crossed a river, saw a graffiti wall. and mist in the hills.
 They saw this really large rock, many times, but where is the top?  Very strange.
 That sign for the cave??...well here is the cave.  This is Layser Cave, very famous here in WA state.  It doesn't look that large...until you see Ben standing in the opening.  The kids had to take a pick of the rocks of the cave ceiling....of course.
 They also passed 2 dams, here is one of them.  The bird.  That's the bird that scared the heck out of the just made a bunch of noise and popped out on the trail...coulda' been a bear!  That cool tree is next to the cave.

Later in the afternoon, the sun came out here.  Quick, take a picture cause no one is gonna believe you......and quick take a pic of the cat before she sees the camera!
This is the MD cloth.  Now you can see the sheerness of the top fabric, the leaves, and the striped gauze fabric I have basted it to.  Oh...and that's one of the dogs.

oh yea....the kids found Blue Lake.  They were hiking to it when the bird jumped out and scared them.  After laughing for a few minutes, they gave up and went back to the car.

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