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Monday, May 23, 2011


This sunmoonstars thing I [and others] am doing with Jude has got me going.  I decided to date each picture from now on to 'number' them. This one below is from a Valori Wells print I have had for a couple of years, but when I happened across it yesterday, it jumped into my hands and wouldn't let go.
front 5/22
So I snipped it here and there, following the print lines. A close-up version is last in line here.  Below is the back side.  These are scans hoping the stitching and such will show up better. The purple backing is just scraps for the moment, I may put this on a larger piece of the purple...or not....
back 5/22
front 5/21
These 2 shots are of the 5 inch sq. I snipped snowflake style and stitched to 3 different scraps I had handy.
back 5/21
close up of 5/22

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  1. Hello There!
    Stopping by for visit and sure am
    impressed with your work.
    I love the "backs" of things!