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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Have Fun

Even though I had Rhiley all day yesterday, and her 22 months of energy, I managed to snip and sew this piece.  I folded the fabric sq. in 1/4's and just cut snowflake style, but straight lines.  Then folded them back to point out....what I don't know, but they are pointing it out.
5 inch square  5/24
 This is my bigger original piece that I started for this class [sunmoonstars with Jude Hill]. I used 3 strands of floss, 3 colors and backstitched around and around and around, go around again! [been reading go dog go]
painted batt sun
 This is a 'what if' below... cut out triangles and fold them back to form star rays.....
i found a moon in this piece, then i snipped out the points...
 Back side of the sun, which we see as we go around and around and around again.
the backside of the sun....hehehe

I added some flannel around [theres that word again again] the outside of this cloth because there wasn't a layer there and I missed it.  Stitching on one layer of fabric seamed so.....lonely.....

On the home front, Ashley and Danny signed the papers yesterday to make the house they built their House!  And then they moved into the house!!
That's why I had Rhiley.  I will have to go take pix of the house.

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