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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Closure 101

I wonder if this is a 12 step type thing, this grief??   
The latest is sending mom's ashes off with my nieces this weekend.
Many of her  belongings went too, including what art she had saved.
I was telling one niece that mom had to have tossed out so much over the years.  First when they moved from the house in Berkeley, to the condo in Emeryville. That wasn't even their first move after college either. Just their longest stay of habitation. 
Did I think to be there as they packed? No. Dumb.
But would I have had the wisdom to save this or that? No. 
I could have wallpapered many rooms with the art from both of my parents.  But then it would have been left on those walls as I myself moved. Much of the work was simply sketches.  But it was theirs.

I have shed no tears. 
I had known for a long long time that mom would pass on to the beach with dad.  I have moments though, when I wish she was here to share with, or ask a question of.

One item I made sure the girls took with them was my brothers High School Diploma. How could he have done without it all these years?  1967.  I laughed, mine looked exactly the same in 1974...or was is '72?  It's put away somewhere.


  1. That made me shed some tears mom. These hormones of mine! I think I have done enough crying for the both of us. :(

  2. i like these words...
    am looking forward to coming here
    often as the stitching goes on...

  3. I hope you have found some bits of your mother to keep with you or to put into your own work. Maybe interpreting one of her sketches in your own storycloth...maybe transferring a sketch to fabric...sounds like you need to bead journal, scrap journal or just journal all that out with some needle and thread. It helps...

    Lots of love, Susan