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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge- March & "Stitch"

The Sketchbook Challenge 'words' for March are "Spilling Over"
and I didn't 'feel' a thing for it, not like "Opposites" did.
But then after I soaked out the pen lines I had used for our hands {everything else was done free-hand} I was struck dumb for a split second by the dye spreading out from the tree...
The damn stuff was spilling over into the there we have it, 2 months in one work.
Then I remembered that Steph's fingers encroach onto my I am thinking that 'encroach' is just another term for "Spilling Over", right?  {kind of hard to tell in this shot that the finger tip is full of purple and yellow stitches.}
dog shadow spilling over my work

I don't want to give too much info here in case a soon-to-be-6 person sees this...but how could I not show you???  It's Pink and it has "STITCH" sticker-ed right on it!!!!
Anyone know what 'stitch' has to do with BMX bikes??

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