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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More Pix Variety

9 storms stacked up
So we have had a lot of rain this year thanks to La Nina, but 9 headed our way?  Sheesh.
meg, lily, ben
Fun stuff.  We actually had sun on Sat. so we got outside to play.  Ben tried to help Megan on her bike, but she just wasn't getting it.  But put her on my trike, and she was off in an instant.  So Ben figures it might be her inner ear trouble screwing up her balance. She has a birthday in April and we want to get her a bike, so Ben went a Googling and found a conversion kit to turn any size bike into a trike! We are hoping to do it through a local store because of wanting to buy local sort of thing.
butterfly on arm painting
The girls got tattoos....NOT.  They went to a party and got face-painted....well....Lily's is on her arm.
face painting
Megan had some watering eye trouble, otherwise she did have her face painted.
what can i say?
Lily has some great facial expressions.
second tattoo by ben, but on a friends leg done last night
megan loved riding my trike by herself...with lily on board

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