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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gets it From Me...

Megan looked like a hippie, so out came the camera
Other use for the star garland I made for Meg
 Once Upon a Time....a boy named Ben got an idea to turn his sister, Stephanie, into a tattoo applier, if not an actual artist.
 So that boy bought a tattoo kit off ebay, found himself a pattern design he liked, then waited impatiently for his sister to come home from college this weekend.
 And so, without further ado, or frickin' practice, Stephanie was set to work on her very first permanent tattoo application!
 It took a while, learning the different needles and such, but with mom/gup to keep on eye on this Pixie,
 the design was outlined and shading was started.
So how was your long weekend?


  1. WOW! Ben sure puts lots of trust into his sister!!

    (not to mention how much confidence SHE has!!)

    Good job on execution...I'll make no comment about the tat, lol.

  2. Uhmmmmmm, wow. I'll do just about anything myself, but I can assure you I would not do that. Not on either side of the needle!

  3. OK. YOur pet giraffe is really cute....but HOLY SMOKES!!

    I guess your children don't have any problem taking risks and launching off into the unknown. Real do-it-yourselfers! Good job Mom...but GEEZ!!!!

    If they start ordering scalpels and operating lights, maybe it's time to intervene....just saying....