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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cabinets and Flooring

The House that Ashley and Danny built, and a bunch of other people too, now has kitchen cabinets!
 and the flooring is going in!
They already purchased, and paid for, a fridge, washer and dryer.  Now the concern is 'will the fridge fit?' I am not sure what is on the counter top doesn't look like the finished counters....but...

The group was in the news too but not for a good reason.  Someone stole various equipment and boxes of flooring from some of the houses. But because of the news story, they were given new replacements by local people.

I am trying to shake a cold that caught me about 3 weeks ago!!!  I didn't catch it, because I wasn't fishing for it.

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  1. Not many others helped build our house. I think everyone knows we don't want help with our house. We want it done our way :)