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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Page making sure the Tropical top is held down.
after it hailed one day, and froze to the deck, i sent the kiddies out to make an iceman...they tried for about 5 seconds, then goofed off.
dry snow. we don't usually get this kind.
not exactly a snowflake to remember....
different storm, different day, steph asked me to take pix....
left my harley outside
i moved the christmas tree outside, lights included.  easy tidy up!
Tropical stuff
 These are pix of the 'coral' sections I am working on.  I had more than 3 pieces of 'coral' in each grouping, but it made the whole thing way to busy, so I left it at 3 per.
 I am turning under the seams on 2 of the parts, but leaving the edge raw on the batiked part of each group, like I did on the reds in the volcano.

I am using the King Tut Quilting Thread that I got from Superior Threads in their 'try me' section, for the turn-under stitching.  I really like the thread, but have found that using Thread Heaven [or any other thread 'conditioner'] makes the thread behave much better, less knotage.  For the raw edge parts I am using the Cosmo Multi-work thread, which I love love love!!!!!!

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