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Friday, December 31, 2010

Word for 2011

A friend likes to pick a word for the year and try to live up to it, over it, by it, whatever it. Her word is "Light" for 2011.  Mine would have to be "CHANGE".

I have to make some CHANGES around here or something drastic will happen... Dementia  Depression  Negativity are all words in my household these days and they have got to go!!!

Not sure how these changes will come about, but they will. 
Mom's care is getting a little much for me, The Dementia, so much so that The Depression is trying to strangle me. 
Of course The Negativity is all part of the other 2.

So look out 2011...I am breaking out the big cutters [rotary] and the sharp scissors and a few hedge trimmers too.


  1. "Change" would be a good word for you in 2011.
    I'm trying to think of a positve word for myself for the new year.

  2. Hope all your 'Change' is for good in the coming year. x

  3. That's a mighty strong word. I hope you have your seatbelt on. :o)

    You'll like this - word verification = hanglyin Not hang glidin', and not just *regular* lyin'...

  4. Humor is essential as well. Sounds like change is definitely in order...all positive and forward-thinking. Hope you are well and rested. That part is essential to get started on the right foot. Happy new year!

  5. Dementia can just plain wear you out. I imagine there are days when you want to sit in a chair and cry. But you are doing very honorable work and loving your mother in the best way. You have a gift of seeing beauty and happiness everywhere...your glasses just might get cloudy every now and then...and that's OK too.

    There is joy and love in your home...I can feel it. And your positive energy has the power to change your world. Keep seeing beauty, keep loving...because that's our job here on this earth.

    I think you're awesome...xo Susan