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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning...realllllly early....

12:15...not a creature is stirring, except for the cat.
She cleans herself carefully, never missing a spat. [it rhymed]

The DW is running, the dryer is too.
I sit in my chair, needing the loo.

There is laundry to fold, one more present to wrap,
but boy am I ready for that long ass nap.

We had presents to open for girl 1 and girl 2,
day before yesterday, man what a zoo.

They are now at mamas, for presents part duex,
a modern day family, that's what you do.

We have girl #3 here tomorrow with mom,
I am not sure about daddy, he works all night long.

My own #3 has been here to help,
the best present for me, as I am sure you would know,
not to mention the rest she so clearly needs,
with finals and mono, she was one tired sweet pea.

So Mama, Mom, Gup, Babe,
some of the names I go by,
get your butt to bed so you can be spry,
to eat that roast, crock potting away.

Merry Day everyone.


  1. I hope you are having a fine Christmas day.
    Clean clothes and dishes are a good start.
    It bet it is time for the roast now.
    How organized you are.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Hope your day was all you hoped it would be!

    Cooked the turkey carcass within an inch of it's life and had turkey soup with dumplings for Sunday dinner. Let's see how many days I can string this lil 7.5# bird out!

  3. Like I said, you are awesome. I LOVE this poem and can relate to's about how I feel on Christmas eve.

    And Happy Birthday you New Year's baby! We're both Capricorns don't you birthday is on Friday...I KNEW I liked you...