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Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Day Seventeen and Other Adventures

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How about a village?
So Dan decided it was time to move Big Bertha out. She is the *giant 50 buck craigslist TV that son bought*.  And moved here.
Good-bye *easy to read the Jeopardy questions* TV.

So, my brother sent gifts. A chocolate moose that is now all gone, and a book that I have seen on many many quilty blogs...a Kaffe Fassett!
College Girl is home!! Yipee, Skippy, play with me 'Teff...Rhiley {GC 3} was here too, just not in this shot.
So I laid this out to get a shot of the fish, at least half of them that is, so  Precious just HAD to add herself to the picture, but not her face. No sir, not this cat.  Anyway, I am now ready to add the coral..if that's what goes next, hafta go check my goofy 'map'.

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