Thursday, November 18, 2010

Football Pre-Game Parking

Yes, it's raining
what is a tailgate party on a boat called?  rudder party?

The University of Washington Huskies are playing tonight, at home, against UCLA.  This is an unusual Thursday night game, so it's big news around here.  The traffic will be a mess, but Stephanie, aka CollegeGirl, has a front row the parking lot!  Her dorm room looks down on this. She said the RVs were rolling in by 8 am today and the boats started arriving as she was talking to me.  The stadium is off to the right, in case you are wondering.  And no, Steph will not be going to the game, but she is getting better [she has mono].  She does get to enjoy the BBQ odors wafting up from those game-goers.

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  1. You really do crack me up. Front row seats to the parking lot....guffaw!

    And i like what Megan sees with the camera...