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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunrise and Stitches

I copied this from the Komo4 weather blog.... 
Mt. Rainier leaves a shadow at sunrise
You don't really think I get up at sunrise do you???
Look at the color of the water.....amazing!!!!
Land down under of course and from a blog which I will have to surf for...FOUND IT!  Piece O' Cake Becky Goldsmith while she was in Sydney.
my husband sent me this
Here is how the plastic tub looks with my current hand work....
Red, Pink and Chocolate
I don't normally keep my handwork together like this, but all these bits seemed to need corralling.
All spread out
All tidy for now....and ready to sew the next circle.  I am not sewing circles to all the sq's for this quilt, they will get added randomly...or so the plan in my head has them figured for now.
all back in the plastic thing
a sewer can stitch anything back together!
my glasses
When the screw fell out of my glasses, Stephanie and her handy tool kit wasn't around, and since I couldn't see w/o my glasses ON, I did the one thing I could do with limited vision.....I sewed the damn thing to keep the lens in.  And no those aren't water spots on my lens, those are screwed-up-glare-crap-spots!!

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