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Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Work

Ashley and Danny are building their own home,  and 12 others before this one, so they are getting all kinds of experience!  Danny loves it and puts in every moment he can which isn't as much now as it was because he got a new job at our local hospital!!!
Anyway, the houses you see behind this first wall were in the first batch before the kids got started on their batch, and that includes the house 'next door'.
Smiling Danny and Ashley.
On our own home front....the back "deck" was looking worse for wear, so my guys tore it off the house....
and tipped it off to the side....
leaving a smiley face!
Maybe I will have some sewing pix tomorrow because I have been working on the Red, Pink and Chocolate blocks, but not much on Mosaic Blocks or Tropical Isle {not necessarily the final name of the tropical quilt.}


  1. I think it would be great to be able to build my own home. Go Ashley!!

  2. I hope you will keep posting pictures of the house building. I love to see such exciting progress.