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Saturday, August 28, 2010

thank you for missing me

 Susan--my bday is December 31....always a party...shall we start early QF??

On to sewing content....lets start with a sewing machine story.
Picture #1 is my  old Pfaff, I was too lazy to take the cover off for the photo.
{so i copy/pasted a pic}
Loved this machine, but as it got older I decided to get upgrade...
That's where this one came in....another Pfaff, a 'recontitioned' one.  Disliked this machine from the day I brought it home, but sucked in my gut and used it anyway....until about a week ago.
and that's where this Brother machine came into my life, via FedEx....So far this machine and I are happy together!  It purrs for me, seriously, it purrs!  And you don't have to use the presser foot, you can use a button on the front of the machine to sew with.
 I can see into the drop-in-bobbin spot to see how much thread remains on the bobbin. Reason #1 on my want list.  And this new one has the needle down option, reason #2 on my want list. [There are also new machines being made that use a treadle! did that picture get in here....Rhiley, teeth, curls, blue eyes....still no eyebrows.

The 9 Mosaic Blocks, sort of arranged.  Some of the blocks are smaller than others, even though they all started out the same size...I think.
my laptop would not start one morning.  that wire is what was messed up.
and now Dan needs a second one because the first new one got messed up too....quite a few swear words were used during the whole process, as I am sure more will be used when we get the second wire.

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE that quilt!!! It is absolutely wonderful.

    I find it so interesting that your second sewing machine was not a favorite. I had the same experience with my second one too. Although my third machine does not purr. Now I am wondering why I don't have one that purrs and has no pressure foot? I think you just bought your dream machine.

    Beautiful baby girl!