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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fix That BooBoo

I noticed that I mentioned the new sewing machine as not having to use a presser foot....boy is that a big boobah....duh...have to use the presser foot, you don't have to use the foot control to run the machine, Vicky, you big dummy!  [sorry Phyllis!]

I am back to using Steph's laptop for short periods when she will allow me to.  We set up Ben's computer and fried it first thing....we think/hope it was the power strip we were using as that is the 3rd machine to bite the dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So until/if  I get me laptop back I will be out of the loop.....and boy do I miss that laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  With my moms dementia, I used it to escape into another place while sitting right next to mom, amazing how wonderful that was.  Now I am reduced to my game boy, old school, people, very old school!


  1. Oh dear, hope you get sorted soon.

  2. You might check out e-bay. For the past 5-7 years we've purchased reconditioned XPPro laptops for right around $300 from a company called (I think) CCC from Cincinnati. We are totally satisfied, even after having to return one because the screen wouldn't work.