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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look...It's A SEWING Post

This is Block # 9 of my Mosaic Blocks, the last of the empty blocks, but it's not necessarily finished.  I stitched down the Wedding Ring {from a swap hosted by Christine Thresh, using one of her pattern idea-developments...she didn't invent the original pattern, she just re-invented a way to put it all easy way I might add!} 
I have a few quilty peoples first quilting teacher, Roberta Horton....
Valori Wells...We went to the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon in 2000 and I got a chance to chat with Valori and Alex Anderson, whose autograph is in the picture with Bethany Reynolds'ssss.  I took an online class with her and have always enjoyed her Stack 'n' Whack method.  {I got to be a Call Girl on Simply Quilts and chatted with Alex then too. Episode # 613}
And last I have Laurel Burch'ssss.....ok, it's only on the selvage, but I thought it fitting to add to this block.  I had to stitch the autographed bits on here with the sewing machine....I had used a high thread-count fabric for the autographs and it's a bitch to hand sew.  Otherwise all the sewing so far has been hand done, but the seams will be machine done.

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  1. I really love the look of your mosaic blocks. And what a great way of using the signatures! Too cool...