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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bathtub Woes

Ben, ie: Tub Removal Dude
When we bought this place, the tub in the 'girls' bathroom had a crack in it.....
it's next to the screw you can find the darn thing!  I worried about it screwing up the floor beneath never even got through to the lino that was of course under the tub.  [this is a manufactured home after all]  Could'a slapped some duct tape on it and left it for years!
So...just because the space is for a 5 foot tub doesn't mean you can get a 5 foot tub into the space!
Stay tuned for more for Tub Drama.
Sweet....I finally have a light in the dining room!  This place came with a really really ugly chandelier...besides the cracked tub.  The chandelier was easier to toss, so out it went, and now 3 years later, I have what I wanted...a home made light fixture.  The basket was formerly a fruit basket on the counter.
The latest in the Self-Help-Home-Front. This is the radiant heat in the floor of Ashley and Danny's home-to-be.
So here I was with Rhiley who is teething and didn't want to lie down but really needed to be asleep.  My arms are not long enough to get a shot of both our heads....

On the creative front, I actually got 3 inches of had sewing done last night!!!  We had family visit last week, and nary a picture I took, so I didn't get any hand work done even though I had 2...can you believe it?....2 whole days with out the girls!  I couldn't even enjoy it, damn it.


  1. That's a pretty clever light fixture.
    I love the sleeping baby picture.
    Are you putting a new tub in now? Or were the pictures from some time ago?

  2. That radiant heat floor looks very cool. And you made me smile with your short arms What a great spot Rhiley has in the world to teethe...