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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My life set on Blurrrrrrrrr

Susan commented ...."A hummingbird speedway sounds like your whole house on the weekends!!!"
So very true Susan, so very true!
We actually had some "the mountain is out" weather! This is Mt. Rainier taken from the Greater Gig Harbor area.
5 Lilyus Humanaus caught in the net. 5
5 Megan and Stephanie in the pool. 5
5 moi 5
5 painting...and advertising. 6
6 Baby swing for Rhiley. 6
6 kisses 6
6 way cool leggin's 6
666 the blurrrr that is my house on weekends666

just like the wings of hummers.

I have even done a teeny tiny bit of sewing...but no pix of that of course.

My mom has started to show her dislike of Ben, my oldest, and his girls. We don't know why. It is hurtful, painful, stressful, and is making me angry these days. Ben knows and tries his hardest to be nice to his grandmother, who has been a big part of his life, but he is hurt too.


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  1. LOL at everything except the interpersonal conflict. For that, I am sorry. It sounds stressful.