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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Move Right In

Ben moved back home. Home being where I live. He brought his trampoline. He brought his clothes. He brought his 2 girls. The girls are only here on weekends though, but Ben is here full time.
Below is the before shot, above is the after shot, of the room Ben is building behind the garage. Or rather re-building. He is replacing the one he tore down and is making it livable.
How walls are built these days.

On Tuesday, College Girl Steph comes home. Going to get a bit crowded around here until we can move Ben and the girls into the room 'downstairs', as I already call it.

On a bird note, our front yard has become a hummingbird speedway area.


  1. My son moved back home too. He doesn't have any children though. Just as I was thinking I might be an empty nester soon. lol.
    Love your blog.

  2. A hummingbird speedway sounds like your whole house on the weekends!!! Home is where they take you in...good job Vicky.