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Thursday, May 20, 2010

this and that

Look how much this hanging plant covers! Ben picked up 2 of them for me.
So after giving Dad [on left] a buzz cut, what do you do? You [son on right] give the dog [furry thing in middle] a buzz too. [a bit less furry]
So when you have a new deck you need a new banner too. A banner for birthdays. The squares will have the letters on them, when I figure out how I want to do them.
the shadow really shows how the banner looks. I used 2 Charm Packs for this. A Kona Cotton, solid colors, and a American Jane Pin dot pack.
These Charm Packs are so fun! I don't have to spend forever trying to cut fabric for a project. {I don't have a table devoted to cutting, so getting the stuff out...blah blah blah....}
I folded the Pin dot prints in half and doubled the sq.s so I can have the words on both sides. I am also making a quilt top/tablecloth from the sq's.
I didn't buy this, but wouldn't this print be a great Stack 'n' Whack print???

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