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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I A Zombie...Hear Me ROAR

yesterday i was a yelling zombie. i was sure one of the neighbors was going to turn me into the yell police. i had a 89 yo woman, 2 smart-kids, 5 and almost-2, and a 'do what i want' husband here driving miss crazy.

lily can open the gate and let the dog out.
megan can water the sky.
my husband can start week-whacking with no warning and
make the smart-kids scream.
my mom has no RAM left, so i answer the same questions over and over again.

we don't want the dog to get out, she doesn't like to come back and we have a very busy street close by.

megan is very independent and doesn't like to follow all the rules...or even some of them some days. she doesn't do harmful things, but she doesn't need to water the sky, either, dammit!

the flip side of that is that she is very good to lily, which is fantastic, because lily is very good to megan too. they look out for each other!

both girls have been able to manipulate small things from the git go, [and rhiley, too, for that matter] so taking difficult hooks off the gate to open it is no big deal for them. i think i need to get the small legos back out now that lily doesn't put everything in her mouth....we just have to watch out for rhiley when she is here because she is still younger.

so on the days i have the girls, because daycare costs are out of the question for ben, i also have to keep an eye on mom more because she tries to do more than she really should, to help me out, and her falling down is not what i want.


  1. Right now I am right there with you! Lily finally took a nap. After we went to the school and she took off her shirt AND pants! Rhiley will hardly eat because she wants to terrorize my living room with Megan and Lily. And Megan is driving Danny crazy, so he put cartoons on for her. That shut her up!

  2. My, oh my. The down side of one's cup running over is that it slops all over the carpet and makes one heck of a mess.