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Monday, May 10, 2010

pictures of moments in my life

Lily was helping me take pictures yesterday.
Dan and Ben worked on removing the leaking back "room" of the shop/garage. {The white area past the green wall} They are going to rebuild it, and make it more waterproof.
Everyone else's blog has pictures of flowers in their is mine one claim to green thumb fame. A wile climbing rose. I started it from a shoot I cut off another bush. We put it here as a temp spot, but the roots found their way down through the hole and rooted itself to the ground under it. So much for moving it.
The Mosaic Block that I am adding all the rv's to. Boy could I use a road trip now!
Here is the crocheted 'bias tape' all stitched down.
Seen all together, my 9 patch of Mosaic Blocks. I have gotten quite a lot done, even with life interrupting!
Oh look, an interruption. Lily helping me show you the fabric I purchased for a future....garment, I hope.
With both gates on the deck and the better weather of spring time, we are all getting a chance to get outside.
Ben made me a footstool that I covered with a boring sunbrella fabric.


  1. Your headless-dragon upside-down in the second to last pic looks like an elephant fetus. Sorry.

  2. A plant whose roots found their way to the ground and took up permanent residence...a footstool with boring sunbrella fabric..and a labelled cat which I cannot find...what more could I want in a blog?

    And Lilly...well, she's icing on the cake...